Jim Flinchbaugh

Jim Flinchbaugh is Chairman of the Board of Flinchbaugh Engineering, Inc., an ESOP company located in York, PA which is focused on Strategic Cell Migration. He also serves on governing boards and advisory boards for several small and mid-market companies serving the industrial marketplace. He is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors and has completed their Director Professionalism certification program. Through First Capital Technology, he provides services in executive coaching, machine tool design, grinding technology, and business strategy.

From 1971 to 1999 Jim Flinchbaugh was President of Weldon Machine Tool, Inc., a manufacturer of CNC Cylindrical Grinders since 1974, when the industry began. He grew the company from a small hydraulic equipment manufacturer to a global technological leader in cylindrical grinding. In 1991 he arranged the sale of Weldon to a major Japanese machine tool builder and continued to lead Weldon under their ownership, implementing lean team-based project management as an operational paradigm.

In 1978 he co-founded Flinchbaugh Engineering and helped lead its growth into a $50 million lean manufacturer of precision, discrete metal parts. Flinchbaugh is an employee owned manufacturing company serving businesses like Caterpillar, Siemens and SKF. It provides an alternative to offshore sourcing for complex parts and projects. The originator of Strategic Cell Migration™, Flinchbaugh has time proven expertise in manufacturing engineering which has enabled the seamless transfer of 14 customer production lines to its facility where it runs the entire operation. Total savings of 20-30% are typical as a result of lower variable costs, high fixed cost absorption, lean six-sigma, and a highly motivated workforce of employee owners.

Jim has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Lehigh University and was a Registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania. He has been a Director for various companies including banks, construction firms, capital equipment distributors, and metal goods manufacturers since 1980. He is a member of SME, ASME, ASPE, and AME. He holds one patent and two R&D 100 awards.