Our Principles

Principles drive behaviors, and so we thought it appropriate to share with you our most fundamental principles as they drive our behaviors. There are so many that we cling to and find important but these we believe are the most fundamental, at least to us.

Never sacrifice integrity

Integrity is first, it is paramount. Integrity is first to yourself, and then to others. Integrity is saying what you mean and just as importantly, acting with honest intent. Any positive trait that be levied towards someone is suspect unless backed by integrity. Integrity is beyond honesty and beyond talking straight. It requires insight and reflection. To be honest with yourself means reflection and corrective action on the gap between your intent, and your results. Intending to help someone when your actions achieve the opposite is a violation of integrity, and only a “good look in the mirror” will enable one to improve the ability to connect their actions and results with their intent.

Take responsibility

Everyone is responsible for their own destiny and outcomes. Those who wait for others to do for them, blame others for their bad outcomes, and act with a sense of entitlement are a drain to those around them. Humans are unique in their ability to take responsibility. Consider the word: response-ability. we each own our ability to choose how we respond. When bad things happen we can either play the victim and blame everything outside of our control, or take responsibility and do everything we can within our control to fix or improve it. Taking responsibility means never playing the role of victim.

Work hard and smart

Neither is sufficient, both are required. Intelligence and creativity are essential elements to working smart. Every individual must make contributions to their partners and organizations with good ideas that move things along. When there is a lack of working smart, resources are wasted by working on the wrong things, in the wrong ways, toward the wrong ends. But smart is not enough, because without hard work no ideas will come to fruition. Ideas are worthless, only providing value when they are realized through the efforts and accomplishments of those who bring them to life. In any pursuit, towards any end, working hard and smart is essential.

Seek and appreciate people who can help you succeed

Despite dramatizations of success, no one succeeds without help. People need help to be successful, and the contributions of accomplishments are not elevated because they were done without help. It is accomplishment, not pride, that ultimately matters and inspires. Find the best mentors, the best partners, the best employees, the best friends. Find people who take a genuine interest in your success, and do so proactively. But without waiting for your success to come, return the favor as often as possible. Give more than you get.