For Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how simultaneously rewarding and challenging the journey can be. Successful entrepreneurs know that help is needed to navigate those challenges, and that help can take many different forms from building the team, to advice, to capital. We can help entrepreneurs through several different engagements.

Direct funding – Whether through the Lehigh Valley Angel Investors or directly, we invest in startup and growth companies in a range of sectors, particularly manufacturing, technology, and business infrastructure and services.

Board of directors / advisors – A good board of directors or advisors can often help save a company, often from itself. The right advice at the right time can make all the difference. We have served on boards in companies in crisis to early stage.

Coaching / consulting – Sometimes the help is needed in smaller increments than a board of advisors would provide, whether its strategic help, building operational capability, or developing fundraising documents, we can help you with specific projects.